Remichem is pleased to offer you an innovative material - expandable polystyrene with added carbon-containing substances (GREY EPS) from the world’s leading companies.
This specially developed material has improved thermal insulation properties. It has a unique color (gray to black), good mechanical properties, high water resistance, and increased fire resistance. It allows to use the same equipment used to process conventional expandable polystyrene.
Due to its unique properties, it allows to reduce the thermal conductivity by 20% and, thus, reduce the board thickness by 20% while maintaining the same properties.
It is used for the insulation of external walls, roof systems, foundations, floors, thermo-acoustic insulation, manufacture of insulated (ICF) and left-in-place formwork (Plastbau) and lightweight building blocks.
GREY EPS will reduce your costs by 20 %, namely for the following:
  • production (power, raw materials, personnel costs)
  • storage (the use of storage spaces, handling operations), packing materials
  • transport (fuel, wear of rolling stock, payment for driver services)
  • construction (packing waste, storage area, weight of products, assembly time, wall and roof thickness)
  • heating of finished residential premises
The use of GREY EPS significantly improves the insulation of both old and new buildings and helps you meet the requirements for reducing power costs. It has the same density as ‘white’ EPS, however isolates 20% better. Also, the board thickness needed to achieve the same R value is 20% less compared to ‘white’ EPS. It contains fire retardants and is processed using the same equipment used for ‘white’ EPS. It is cost-effective and environmentally friendly throughout the production process.